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A home for staff and faculty news

IU Today is home to news for staff and faculty on all IU campuses. Additional news can be found at

Our staff is responsible for sending the IU Bloomington Today, IUPUI Today and IU Today newsletters. IU Bloomington Today is distributed to staff and faculty on the Bloomington campus on Monday and Wednesday. IUPUI Today is distributed to staff and faculty on the IUPUI campus on Monday and Wednesday. IU Today is distributed to staff and faculty on all campuses on Friday. A special edition of IU Today is distributed on the Fridays following IU Board of Trustees meetings.

News criteria
News must be specifically for staff and faculty and should highlight:

  • “News you can use” about upcoming events, training, construction, new leadership or campus-specific changes.
  • Employee benefits, payroll and other HR information.
  • New policies and procedures relevant to all or a majority of employees.
  • Campus-specific and university-wide initiatives.
  • Pride points, such as recognized rankings and examples of IU impact, service and/or reputation.
  • Stories demonstrating IU as an employer of choice, including its commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Staff and faculty excellence.

Stories fulfilling one or more categories above will be published with the following submission guidelines:

  • Clear, concise text, with no acronyms or undefined terms. Please include a one-sentence description of your story/news/information/announcement.
  • Typically less than 300 words, excluding feature-length stories, including a suggested headline.
  • At least one high-resolution horizontal photograph to potentially accompany the news. Preferred image size is 768x512, complete with caption and photo credit information.
  • IU Today staff will review and edit all submissions, and will contact you with questions. Not everything submitted through the portal will appear in a newsletter.

Please note: Stories/announcements/information will only be shared once in a newsletter and will not be repeated.

The deadline to submit news is one week before the requested date of publication. Contact Bethany Nolan at for exemption requests.

Send news tips to, or contact Bethany Nolan at or Justin Whitaker at with questions.