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Plan ahead for winter weather

With winter officially approaching and snow in the forecast, it’s time to consider what inclement weather means for employees on Indiana University’s campuses.

IU Today rounded up a few details to help staff and faculty navigate the cold and snowy season:

Will campus ever close? If so, how will I find out?

While IU campuses don’t typically close, sometimes classes and non-essential work functions are canceled or delayed. How does IU make such a decision? Designated senior management convene to consider details such as the status of the grounds, buildings, walkways and the bus system, as well as weather forecasts and travel advisories. Then, members of the campus executive policy group make the final decision.

Any cancellation or delay will be announced on local radio stations, via IU social media accounts and on the Protect IU website. An IU-Notify alert is also sent via email, telephone, text and social media.

Staff who would normally be at work during hours the campus is closed, who cannot work remotely and who were not already scheduled off, are eligible for regular pay for the absence.

However, there are some essential jobs that must be performed during such circumstances; your supervisor will tell you if your job falls into this category. Essential staff and temporary employees are required and expected to work on campus during a closure. Non-exempt and temporary employees will receive additional compensation. Essential exempt and non-exempt PAO and PAU staff (non-exempt staff who use PTO) receive their regular pay but do not receive any additional compensation.

Non-emergency staff who report to work when the campus is closed will be compensated at their regular rate of pay.

What happens if I work remotely?

A campus closure might not necessarily apply to employees working at locations outside the immediate campus area. This includes staff and temporary employees who work remotely or at other off-campus locations. These employees will receive their regular pay for any hours worked. You should discuss expectations for adverse weather with your supervisor.

Am I required to come to campus?

According to IU’s adverse weather policy, all staff and temporary employees are expected to report to work unless otherwise notified. However, if the weather creates hazardous conditions for your commute to or from work, you are encouraged to use your best judgment and should not endanger yourself or ignore local travel advisories.

If adverse weather conditions cause extreme travel hazards to or from work on campus:

  • Employees should make every effort to notify their supervisor.
  • Advance notice requirements for the use of paid time off will be waived.
  • Non-exempt staff may use paid time off or, with approval, may make up the work time during the same week.
  • Exempt staff may use available PTO.
  • Staff employees without paid time off may be absent without pay, with accruals. Absent without pay must be in whole days for exempt staff.
  • All absences from work for temporary employees are without pay.

Staff employees are encouraged to familiarize themselves with IU’s adverse weather policy (HR-11-20). A printable announcement summarizing the policy is available on the Human Resources website.

There is no adverse weather policy for academics. Classes are in session unless there is a campus closure.

Be prepared

The Protect IU website has additional resources to help IU employees and their families prepare for winter storms before they happen.