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Keeping others warm, Senior Academy seeking assistance

The IUPUI Senior Academy String Theory Group is looking for donations of yarn to contribute to their efforts to knit and crochet hats and scarves for those in need in Central Indiana.

They’d also love for you to join their group if you’ve retired from IUPUI.

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The String Theory Group was started by members of the IUPUI Senior Academy, the group for all faculty and staff retirees from IUPUI, who were looking for ways to re-engage members during the pandemic.

“We started these special interest groups within the Senior Academy,” said Rebecca Porter, associate professor emeritus in the Department of Physical Therapy in the School of Health and Human Sciences at IUPUI. “String Theory was the first group designed to give us a reason to get together and chat, and at the same time, to end up with a project to help others in need.

“It’s been wonderful to get together with others and to make something that makes a difference, as well.”

Since the group started getting together in March 2021, they’ve donated hats and scarves to IUPUI students through Paw’s Closet and to Wheeler Mission. In 2022, they will start to donate to IUPUI’s Student Outreach Clinic, as well.

All retirees from IUPUI are welcome to join the IUPUI Senior Academy. There are no dues in the first year of retirement, but you do need to join to become a member. Annual dues for membership after your first year of retirement are $25.

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Other special interest groups through the Senior Academy include a book club, a walking club and a service group to give members volunteer experiences. The service group’s most recent outing was at Changing Footprints in Indianapolis, where members sorted shoes for distribution for people in need around the state and the country.

Donations of yarn or supplies to support the String Theory Group can be dropped off in the first-floor office of the School of Health and Human Sciences in Coleman Hall, 1140 W. Michigan St., CF326. They’ll also accept donations of hats or scarves if you’ve made some and feel so inclined.

If you are interested in joining the IUPUI Senior Academy and the String Theory Group, the group meets the second Tuesday of each month. You can also join online via Zoom. Guests of members are welcome to the Senior Academy’s events and interest groups.

They do ask that members and their spouses, partners and friends register for each monthly meeting individually on the IUPUI Senior Academy website. For questions about the String Theory Group, contact Becky Porter at

Teresa Mackin is a communications consultant at Indiana University.