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COVID-19 leaves still available, extended to cover boosters

By IU Human Resources

December 09, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: As of Jan. 10, 2022, COVID-19 leaves continue to be available for IU employees until further notice. Visit HR’s COVID-19 website or contact askHR if you have additional questions.

One of many ways Indiana University has protected the IU community during the COVID-19 pandemic is ensuring employees have adequate time off for reasons specific to COVID-19.

In response to the continuing pandemic, IU has made the COVID-19-related leaves for employees available until further notice. The Keep IU Healthy and School and Child Care leaves offer time off for COVID-19-related reasons, including self-isolation, COVID-19 vaccine side effects and child care needs due to COVID-19. You can learn more about eligibility and qualifying reasons to use these leaves at the HR COVID-19 website.

Following the CDC’s recommendation that everyone 18 and older receive a COVID-19 booster, IU strongly encourages employees to get one. As a result, IU has expanded the Keep IU Healthy leave to include adverse reactions to COVID-19 boosters. If employees are unable to work due to adverse reactions, the Keep IU Healthy leave covers up to three days absence for boosters received on or after Nov. 28, 2021.

If you have questions about COVID-19-related leaves or how to use them, visit the HR COVID-19 website or contact askHR.