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Photo Caption Contest for January

Each month, IUPUI University Library Special Collections and Archives presents a photo from yesteryear suitable for captioning.

Enter your caption to this month’s image from a 1967 reception at the Purdue University-Indianapolis Extension campus on 38th Street, opposite the Indiana State Fairgrounds. That was before the 1969 merger of Purdue and IU’s operations in Indianapolis that created IUPUI. At the reception was a cake modeled after the “World’s Largest Drum” of Purdue’s marching band. 

What’s going on in this photo? Enter your captions and you may win the Fabulous Prize!

Tia Swain won December’s contest with the submission, “After a semester of awkward moments, Jenn decided to bring her own conversation starter to the department’s end-of-year mixer.”

Check out more IUPUI photos in the IUPUI Image Collection from University Library Special Collections and Archives.