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Stay warm while getting around campus

  • Three people walking in a covered walkway.
    Liz Kaye, Indiana University

Campus architects thought ahead to inclement weather as they laid out designs for IUPUI.

Did you know you can go all the way from the Science and Engineering Laboratory Building to the IU Natatorium without heading outside for long? It takes several minutes and a couple thousand steps, but it’s possible thanks to the numerous tunnels above —  and one below — ground.

Starting at the third-floor skybridge in the Science and Engineering Laboratory Building, you can travel through IUPUI’s STEM headquarters as you move into the Science Building and then through the Engineering Science and Technology Building. Then you’re on the move underground to get to the School of Engineering and Technology building, through a tunnel that features murals on the walls and automatically opening doors.

On the way up to ground level, check out the Engineering and Technology Computing Resources area to see some old-school computer equipment that was used before you could spell IUPUI.

While a roof will shield you from snow and rain, you do have to go outside for a few seconds to get access to the Business/SPEA Building. Then, it’s smooth sailing as you whisk yourself through the Education/Social Work Building, through a “gerbil tube” bridge over New York Street and then, after passing through a welcoming atrium with trees and shrubs, into the Natatorium. You made it!