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Recipients of learning analytics grants announced

By Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success

March 03, 2022

Indiana University’s Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success has announced its most recent recipients for its learning analytics grants. This year, a cohort of 12 instructors will conduct research projects using big data and student learning analytics to foster student engagement, retention and success at Indiana University. 

With the From Insights to Action grant, faculty teams use data to create actionable plans to improve student success within a given department or program. The Learning Analytics Fellows grant is for any IU Bloomington faculty member, regardless of rank, to use analytical data to further student achievement and success at the course, program or institutional levels.  

This year’s winners include faculty from the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, the School of Public Health-Bloomington, the Jacobs School of Music, IU Libraries, and the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Second Language Studies and Department of Economics.  

They are:

  • Lecturer Alexander Alexeev and senior lecturers Susan Siena, Cheryl Hughes and Roger Morris with the O’Neill School.
  • Lecturer Armin Marquez, clinical assistant professor Cassandra Coble and professor Donetta Cothran with the School of Public Health’s Department of Kinesiology.
  • Assessment and association librarian Andrew Asher and head of music library public services and outreach and associate librarian Misti Shaw with IU Libraries Planning and Administration and the Cook Music Library.
  • Associate professor Sun-Young Shin with the Department of Second Language Studies.
  • Associate professor Ruli Xiao and professor and department chair Michael Kaganovich in the Department of Economics.

“This is by far some of the most ambitious research projects we have seen to date,” said George Rehrey, director of the Center for Learning Analytics and Student Success. “We look forward to how these projects will improve student success throughout the university.” 

The grants fund faculty research annually through a proposal selection process. Since 2015, the center has funded 62 faculty members from 25 programs who have conducted 70 research projects. In any given year, approximately 5 million records generated by 110,000 students are available to the fellows for their scholarly research. 

For questions about the Learning Analytics Fellows Program, email Rehrey at