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On-campus COVID-19 testing changing to drop-off PCR testing

An IUPUI student uses a drop-off testing kit in the Campus Center.

With drop off testing now available on all IU campuses and dwindling testing demand due to low case numbers, on-campus asymptomatic COVID-19 testing will switch over to drop-off testing exclusively on April 4. The current asymptomatic testing sites on all campuses will close with this change. In-person symptomatic testing will continue with appointments made through the existing symptom checker.

Here’s what to know about using drop-off testing:

  1. Drop-off tests are saliva-based PCR tests.
    The test kits will look very familiar if you’ve ever done any kind of on-campus testing before. The kit includes a small tube to collect your saliva sample and is the same test used at in-person testing.

  2. You can pick up a kit or two to use later.
    Visit any of the pickup locations on your campus and take a kit or two so you have them on hand when you need them. When you’re ready to use the kit, register your kit, follow the instructions and then take the test kit to the appropriate drop-off location on your campus. If you pick up a kit and want to use it immediately, it’s recommended you provide your saliva sample in an area where you’re distanced from others.

  3. Drop-off testing is for both symptomatic and asymptomatic testing.
    Regardless of why you need a COVID-19 test, you can use the drop-off testing option. If you have COVID-19 symptoms and need to pick up a test, you should wear a mask and make sure you maintain distance between you and others while picking up your kit or ask a friend/coworker to pick up a test kit for you. Some campuses also have specific sites for symptomatic test kit pick up.

    Before dropping off your completed test, check the list of drop-off locations for your campus to make sure you’re taking the test to the correct location based on whether your test was symptomatic or asymptomatic.

    If you prefer to schedule an appointment for a symptomatic test, you can continue to use the symptom checker. Students on campuses with a student health center can also schedule a medical visit with a provider to be tested.

  4. Results will be sent via email.
    Just like in-person testing, you’ll receive a message to your IU email account within 72 hours notifying you that your results are available. You can also visit your personalized results page at any time.

  5. Antigen tests will be available on the IU Fort Wayne and IUPUC campuses.
    Antigen tests, often called rapid tests, use a nasal swab and have results available within an hour or sooner. These will be available for free pickup for students, faculty and staff at IU Fort Wayne and IUPUC in lieu of drop-off testing on those campuses. If you have a positive result on one of these tests, please self-report your positive result to IU.

COVID-19 testing options continue to be available in the community as well, especially through retail pharmacies and through appointments at your primary care provider’s office. If you receive a positive test result outside of drop-off testing at IU, please self-report your positive result.

Amanda Roach is a senior communications consultant in the Office of the Vice President for Communications and Marketing.