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‘Ask Aaron’ webinar series expanding, continuing in fall semester

Dr. Aaron Carroll Dr. Aaron CarrollSince June 2020, now IU Chief Health Officer Dr. Aaron Carroll has been a nearly weekly online presence for Indiana University students, faculty and staff, answering their questions about COVID-19 and the ongoing pandemic. Nearly 100 webinars and thousands of viewers later, the “Ask Aaron” webinar series is expanding beyond COVID-19.

Over the past few weeks, the webinars have opened to additional topics, including mental health and kids’ health.

“Our viewers continue to have questions about health and safety related to the pandemic, and I’m happy to be able to have a place for people to ask those questions and get answers they can trust,” Carroll said. “As we hopefully continue to move out of the crisis of COVID-19, it’ll be great to talk through other health topics important to our students, faculty and staff. I’m looking forward to sharing what I can on these additional focus areas this fall.”

During the May 4 webinar, Carroll will answer questions about COVID-19 as well as nutrition. This will be the last webinar for the spring semester with the series returning in August 2022. Upon its return, each webinar will feature a different health topic. While some weeks may focus on COVID-19 or another trending health topic, the series will expand into more general health topics.

Webinar topics as well as suggestions for topics will continue to be available on the Ask Aaron page on IU’s COVID-19 website.

Amanda Roach is a senior communications consultant in the Office for the Vice President of Communications and Marketing.