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Introducing the new IU Org Chart

EDITOR’S NOTE: The IU Org Chart tool has been added as a standalone task at One.IU in addition to being available in your Employee Center.

The IU Organizational Chart is a new tool that automatically generates up-to-date, interactive organizational charts. It is available to all staff and faculty at Indiana University.

Using the position data of appointed staff and academic employees, the tool gives employees a unique way to view IU’s organizational structure. It also lets you search for individuals to see their relationship to others, see a unit’s structure, explore peers and determine reporting structures. It can even aid in career planning.

The IU Org Chart tool displays:

  • Organizational structures of units and departments.
  • Employee information, including employee name and job title.
  • Employee contact information, including email and phone number.
  • Unit or department and physical campus location.

Where do I find the IU Org Chart?

The IU Org Chart tool is available as a standalone task at One.IU. Search for “IU Org Chart.” The tool is also available as a tile on the homepage of your Employee Center. Your IU login is required.

How do I use the IU Org Chart?

A simple way to get started using the tool is to view your own org chart. Launch the IU Org Chart and click “View My Org Chart” at the top center of the homepage. The org chart for your unit or department will automatically generate based on data about the reporting structure.

To search for org charts of others, enter a search query in the “Search IU Org Chart” field on the IU Org Chart homepage. The tool lets you search by:

  • Name.
  • Email address.
  • Job title.
  • Phone number.
  • Department ID.
  • Location.

Your search will return a list of results, which you can narrow by adding more to your search query or by selecting options from the menu at the left.

Once you’ve found the individual or position you’re looking for, click its blue and orange org chart button to automatically generate the corresponding org chart. Inside the chart, clicking an individual’s name lets you view their contact information, reporting structure, direct reports (if any), peers and job details.


An FAQ is available to answer questions you may have about the tool, and also shares some tips and step-by-step instructions, including how to print org charts or save them as a PDF using the print dialog. If you believe your personal org chart information is incorrect, contact your local Human Resources representative. For any remaining questions about the IU Org Chart tool, contact askHR.

NOTE: Org charts for academic employees will show employees reporting to the dean or Responsibility Center head for that school or academic unit. Therefore, the academic employee org charts will not be as detailed as appointed staff org charts, except for the IU School of Medicine.