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Hoosier Rideboard offers commuters a new option

By Transportation and Demand Management

June 14, 2022

IU students, faculty and staff on all campuses can now find carpool partners among co-workers and classmates on Hoosier Rideboard.

Rides can be for any purpose: daily commuting to work or class, visiting another campus, attending concerts or sporting events, or going home during university breaks. The service is free to use. Any charges and payments are determined in advance by the driver and rider(s).

Participants create a profile and request or offer rides. The service then matches people who live near each other and have similar needs. Drivers can also offer or share rides using Zipcar and IU Motor Pool vehicles.

This service is offered through Transportation Demand Management, which encourages and enables Hoosiers to walk, bike, carpool or take transit for trips to campus.

Hoosier Rideboard was developed in response to results of the 2021 Transportation Demand Management survey in which respondents said that finding a carpool partner was the largest barrier to carpooling. Hoosier Rideboard will provide more transportation options for all IU campuses amid climate change, rising fuel costs and traffic congestion.