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‘Temporary’ job classifications renamed ‘part-time’

Positions formerly called “temporary” in Indiana University’s job framework have been renamed “part-time” as of June 1, 2022.

“Updating the naming convention from temporary to part-time more accurately reflects the nature of these jobs at IU,” Interim Vice President for Human Resources Laura Kress said. “In fact, many of the employees who occupy these positions are long-term employees. The updated part-time label is a more fitting description of their role and their valuable contributions to IU.”

Affected employees’ position titles will change in HR data systems; there is no other impact.

How the new naming convention works

This change affects all employees in positions that had “temporary” in the position title:

  • A temporary employee position is now called a part-time employee position.
  • A temporary student employee position is now called a part-time student employee position.
  • A temporary with retirement position is now called a part-time with retirement position.

Where employees will see the change

  • On paychecks in the “Job Title” section.
  • When using the Active Jobs Lookup in the HRMS system.

Employees can contact their local HR professional with any questions or email