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Faculty: Apply now for seed grant opportunity

The IU Interprofessional Practice and Education Center is now accepting submissions for the IU IPE Seed Grant Program, worth up to $5,000 of matchable funding.

Through the program, the center provides faculty with funding, consultation and support to develop and implement new educational programming into the existing statewide Team Education Advancing Collaboration in Healthcare curriculum.

The curriculum is offered to health profession students across all Indiana University campuses. This interactive programming engages students across multiple health disciplines by creating opportunities that emulate real-world, team-based scenarios where students learn to collaborate while improving patient health outcomes.

“The Seed Grant Program supports faculty in developing and implementing new interprofessional education and collaborative practice experiences,” said Zach Weber, assistant dean for programming at the Interprofessional Practice and Education Center. “It also allows programs to partner with IU IPE and combine expertise to develop quality learning experiences, assessment strategies and scholarship opportunities.”

To apply for funding, faculty must submit applications to the center’s website before Oct. 31, 2022. Submissions must describe learning experiences involving students from at least two professions participating in the Team Education Advancing Collaboration in Healthcare curriculum.

Learn more about the proposal evaluation criteria and submission guidelines on the grant program’s website.