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Heads up: Report, submit course materials orders

Faculty and other instructors should be aware of the Oct. 1 deadline for reporting course materials for spring 2023 classes.

Submitting orders on time not only ensures that materials are available to students when classes start but also makes certain that IU complies with the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Please note: It is important to report your required materials even when they do not require a textbook order. Even if no course materials are needed, report them by selecting “other” in the drop-down menu through the Follett portal.

Should you need to order materials, there are several ways to do so:

  • The Follett Discover portal, which can also be found by searching “Order Textbooks/Course Materials (Faculty)” inside One.IU. This method is fulfilled by Follett Higher Education Group, the new IU bookstore operator. A few reminders:
    • If you’re signed into One.IU, your assigned course(s) will display when you launch the adoption tool. Click the top of each unique course tile to make selections for that course.
    • You can use the global search in the upper-right-hand corner to find course materials and supplies by keyword, author, title or 13-digit ISBN number. Or, you can type in a subject to discover new materials.
    • Once everything is set, click “adopt” to submit your course selections.
  • IU eTexts, which can also be found by searching “IU eTexts Portal” on One.IU. This method is fulfilled by IU eTexts, an 11-year-old teaching and learning initiative created and managed by University Information Technology Services. A few reminders:
    • The ordering tool is only open for self-ordering during specific timeframes. Orders can be placed after self-ordering closes by following the IU eTexts Post Deadline Ordering process.
    • If you are signed into One.IU, your assigned course(s) will display the IU eTexts Order Tool when you launch the IU eTexts Portal. Follow the on-screen prompts to make selections for your courses.
    • Use the IU eTexts Catalog tab in the top navigation pane to search for course materials by title, publisher, ISBN or any material data. The catalog is open to instructors year-round.
    • Need help? Ordering instructions are available on the Canvas resource site, IU eTexts: A Faculty and Staff Introduction. If you still have questions or need assistance, contact
  • Open Educational Resources, which can be found by searching this IU eTexts catalog. These are teaching and learning materials that are either in the public domain or are shared under a license that allows free use and revision. A few reminders:
  • Your campus library may be able to make titles available for students. Find out more about Class Reserves and other library services on your campus:

Bethany Nolan is interim internal communications manager in the Office of the Vice President for Communications and Marketing.