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Climate action committee update

The IU Climate Action Planning Committee was established by President Pamela Whitten in April 2022. The committee has been charged with developing comprehensive recommendations to identify short- and long-term opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions directly from IU’s various campuses and units. These recommendations are due to President Whitten by April 30, 2023.

The 18-member committee, comprised of students, faculty and staff, has been meeting throughout the summer of 2022 to explore several topics and also research plans and initiatives implemented at other colleges and universities. Areas of study have included topics ranging from greenhouse gases, utilities, renewable energy and climate policy to finance and budget, philanthropy, transportation and space utilization.

The committee has several guiding principles to lead plan development. These principles state that the plan should be complete, comprehensive and scientifically sound; enable immediate implementation where possible; contain requirements for financial resources along with funding sources and identified savings; include broad input from students, faculty and staff on all campuses; provide benchmarks, dashboards and transparency of process and progress; and work toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

The committee is chaired by Thomas A. Morrison, IU vice president for capital planning and facilities.

Information about the committee’s work, including goals, dashboards, news and resources, are provided on the committee’s website. The committee welcomes input from IU students, faculty and staff on all campuses. Ideas and comments may be submitted to

Additionally, in-person forums are being scheduled for the fall semester on each IU campus. IU students, faculty and staff will be able to provide their input and ideas to the committee during these forums. Because academic schedules may not permit attendance on a particular date, attendees are welcome to attend a forum at any campus or attend a completely virtual session that will be offered.

Dates and locations are being solidified and will be shared via the committee website and other university communications. Forums will not be available via broadcast. Those unable to attend an in-person forum may also submit ideas to the committee via