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Earn an Intercultural Competence Certificate

By Office of the Vice President for International Affairs

September 23, 2022

Take advantage of a free professional development opportunity for IU employees who want to understand the complexities of intercultural communication and collaboration.

You will learn to engage in interactive, in-depth conversations around culture and identity. You will also learn about the importance of intercultural competence and the impact it has on your work, whether in interactions with students, colleagues, or the community at large.

Choose from a variety of sessions that run through the end of the semester. Faculty and staff, as well as graduate students who are employed by the university, are eligible for the certificate.

How does it work?

Completing the certificate requires fewer than 10 hours over the course of one semester.

  • Complete four sessions total.
  • Choose at least one session from each category: Knowledge, Attitude and Skills.
  • You can also attend one intercultural event and submit a short impact paragraph (writing prompts provided) in lieu of a session.

Each session is led by a professionally trained staff member.