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Implementation of license plate recognition for parking continues

By IU Bloomington Today

November 11, 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: Citations are now being issued for vehicles that do not have a valid plate – either state or IU-issued – that pull through or back into parking spaces.

License plate recognition technology is moving into the next phase of implementation for parking on campus this winter.

The virtual system uses vehicle license plates as parking permits. From now through the end of the fall semester, warnings will be issued to vehicles that pull through or back into a parking space.

During the transition:

  • Continue to display a valid parking permit.
  • Make sure your IU parking account is up to date with your current vehicle information and license plate number. Personalized plates with special characters (hearts, stars, etc.) should be omitted, and only numbers and letters should be entered. You can register up to five vehicles on your account, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus at any one time.
  • Park with your license plate facing the drive lane. Do not pull through or back into any parking spaces. The only exceptions will be for vehicles with a state-issued plate or campus-issued license plate recognition plate mounted on the front bumper. Those plates are available for purchase from the Office of Parking Operations for $14.50.

Warnings for vehicles with license plates not facing the drive lane and without a state-issued or special license plate recognition plate will begin this month. Full ticket enforcement begins Jan. 9, 2023.

Got questions? Additional information about the new technology and an FAQ is available from the Office of Parking Operations.