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From the Desk: The IUB 2030 ‘ideas parking lot’

By By Cate Reck and Carrie Docherty

November 29, 2022

Carrie Docherty. Carrie Docherty. Each day, we are energized and impressed by the ideas bubbling up from our IUB 2030 working groups, which were formed to chart a bold direction for Indiana University Bloomington in the coming years.

In their weekly meetings, our 25 groups of visionary faculty, staff, students, alums and community partners bring their subject matter expertise to discussions on everything from creating a four-year distinctive experience that helps IU Bloomington students find a sense of belonging to creating a research infrastructure that supports faculty, staff and students in advancing their research and creative activities.

Some specific ideas discussed in recent meetings include incorporating a campus-wide, discipline-appropriate, high-impact experience for all undergrads; new and expanded approaches to community-based partnerships to improve health outcomes in the state; and collaborations to foster economic development in the life sciences sectors.

Cate Reck. Cate Reck.

Some of the ideas popping up in these discussions will be part of the final plan as goals or objectives, while others will be advanced through what we’re calling an “ideas parking lot.” This is where we’ll catalog the mission-focused ideas that don’t officially make it into the IUB 2030 plan — either because they relate to an easily addressed operational issue or because they fall outside the fold of big, ambitious ideas we are asking the working groups to focus their attention on.

We realize the importance of all the ideas generated in these sessions. We both consider it part of our jobs to work within our shared governance structure to still carry forward these important ideas that can tangibly elevate IU Bloomington and our role in the state and the world.

As a reminder, our working groups continue to receive your feedback, which you can keep sending through Dec. 15. The links below will take you to the feedback forms for each area, and we want to hear from you.

In addition, check out this video.

Cate Reck is president of the Bloomington Faculty Council, and Carrie Docherty is interim vice provost for strategy and innovation.