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Vision 2024 task forces share progress

Students first.

That was the prevailing priority outlined by Vision 2024 task forces during a meeting held shortly before winter break in the University Tower Ballroom, the first all-task-force meeting since their origination in September.

Indiana University President Pamela Whitten speaks during the Vision 2024 all-task-force meeting.... Indiana University President Pamela Whitten speaks during the Vision 2024 all-task-force meeting. Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana UniversityWith a hundred people in attendance representing faculty, staff and students, task force members discussed a range of topics: developing a timeline to launch the new campus name, aligning enrollment calendars, and minimizing disruption of classroom and workspace assignments. In each case, the goal has been to ensure a smooth transition.

Indiana University President Pamela Whitten began the meeting by giving an overview of the realignment progress.

“The progress being made on the Vision 2024 realignment is impressive, as is the strength of our collaboration and partnership with our colleagues at Purdue University,” Whitten said. “I want to thank every task force member for your dedication, passion and thoughtful engagement with the community as you help plan and implement the bold new vision for the Indianapolis campus.”

Throughout the remainder of the meeting, each task force presented some of the top areas of focus they’re concentrating on as well as the related recommendations they’re developing and implementing.

Willie Miller, associate librarian and Communications and Branding task force member, had several positive takeaways from the joint meeting.

IUPUI Interim Chancellor Andy Klein speaks during the Vision 2024 all-task-force meeting. Photo b... IUPUI Interim Chancellor Andy Klein speaks during the Vision 2024 all-task-force meeting. Photo by Liz Kaye, Indiana University“I think everybody is on the same page in terms of what’s most important about this realignment,” he said.

Miller wants faculty, staff and students to know that feedback from the greater campus community is included in task force conversations. He encourages people to continue contributing their ideas.

“There are a lot of opportunities to share thoughts and concerns through our units, schools and the Vision 2024 website, where anybody can submit a question and it’ll be routed to the appropriate person.”

Senior Kartikay Gulia, president of the IUPUI Undergraduate Student Government, said it was beneficial to hear that the task forces are covering many bases.

“It’s good to see that, for example, even though I’m part of the Services for Purdue Students task force, there is a Computer Science task force that’s focused on computer science students,” he said.

Gulia’s message to the IUPUI community, especially fellow students, is to be patient and get engaged in the process.

“I know it can be anxious, but considering this has only been going on for a few months, I think a lot of good work is being done,” he said. “Stay patient and keep asking questions, because students are the biggest stakeholders in this process.”

Individual task forces continue to meet regularly. The next meeting of all Vision 2024 task forces will be held this semester.

Task force updates

  • The Academic Affairs task force has identified three pivotal areas to address: how students will enroll; how students admitted to Purdue programs before fall 2024 will be supported; and how academic policies and calendars for students in Purdue programs in Indianapolis will align with the West Lafayette and IU Indianapolis campuses.
  • The Communication and Branding task force is focused on ensuring that prospective and current students are receiving appropriate and timely updates about the transition. This task force is also collaborating with colleagues to develop a strategy, timeline and materials for launching the new campus name.
  • The Facilities task force is focused on minimizing disruption of existing space assignments, occupants and student needs by retaining current uses and assignments. Keeping people in their current research labs, including shared labs, is a priority, as is aligning to the existing IUPUI master plan adopted in 2020.
  • The Athletics task force is focused on timelines and NCAA requirements, which will be critical for eligibility, academic advising and recruiting.
  • The HR and Finance task force is developing an infrastructure related to employee relations and a framework for billing, tuition, fees, etc., during the transition period.
  • The IT/Systems task force is identifying what integrations are needed between IU and Purdue technology related to billing, finance, academics and housing.
  • The Research task force is evaluating policies and compliance and making sure external partners, funders and the community are informed of the latest realignment progress.
  • The Science and Computer Science task force plans to establish campus-wide interdisciplinary institutes that act as nodes for research, innovation and workforce development.
  • The Services for Purdue Students task force is focused on providing Purdue students with services considered critical to ensuring academic success, such as Adaptive Educational Services.
  • The Stakeholders: Donors, Alumni and Community task force is identifying opportunities for broad stakeholder engagement in mutually beneficial and reciprocal ways during and after the realignment.