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Indiana University has resources to help you stay safe

Hands holding a cell phone that reads 'IU Notify' The recent violence at Michigan State University has left many wondering how to respond in the face of an emergency. Indiana University has resources and information available to help you stay safe and know what to do in a crisis.

“We followed the events in East Lansing closely and continue to keep the Spartan community in our thoughts,” said Benjamin D. Hunter, associate vice president and superintendent for public safety. “The Indiana University Police Department engages in preparedness exercises so we can be ready to take action to protect our IU community.

“It’s critically important that our students, faculty and staff follow the guidance of law enforcement during an emergency situation. We also have training and resources available to help them stay safe in the unlikely event of a crisis.”

Emergency notifications

IU Notify is the university’s mass communication system that will alert students and employees to immediate dangers and provide guidance with a message to your preferred channel of communication. Check to see if your IU Notify settings are up to date with your cell phone number, email address or landline number. You can also download the free Guardian safety app to access personal safety resources and reach police.

Active shooter or aggressor protocol

In an active-shooter situation, you’ll want to act quickly and remember “Run. Hide. Fight.” If you can escape the area, then run. If there’s no safe path to evacuate, find a place to hide and stay silent. Lock doors if you can, turn out the lights and silence your cell phone. If it’s safe to do so, call IUPD and report your location. Act with aggression and fight as a last resort, using improvised weapons to distract or disarm a shooter or aggressor.

Mental health services

Feelings of trauma and stress are common in response to violent acts. IU offers mental health support resources that can help you care for yourself and be there for others who might be struggling.