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From the Desk: Gratitude for input

By Carrie Docherty and Cate Reck

February 28, 2023

From left, Cate Reck and Carrie Docherty. From left, Cate Reck and Carrie Docherty.Throughout the past several months, countless members of our campus community have played an integral role in the IUB 2030 strategic plan.

We are profoundly grateful for the time, energy and ideas contributed by each person who has been part of this endeavor. Over 450 faculty, staff and students contributed to the process to strategize and dream about the future of IU Bloomington in the areas of student success and opportunity, transformative research and creativity, and service to the state of Indiana and beyond.

We particularly appreciated everyone who submitted their thoughts and ideas through the IUB 2030 online feedback forms, attended town halls, and participated in focus groups across campus. This input has been vital to the development of the plan and will be essential as we begin the implementation phase of IUB 2030. Faculty and staff from across campus will be critical to the plan’s success and will be at the forefront of implementation as we rely on their expertise and experience.

The 25 working groups generated a wealth of thoughtful strategies, which will all be available to those charged with implementation. Strategies that do not become part of the official implementation plans will still reside in what we’ve called the “parking lot” — the space for the many valuable ideas that came from IUB 2030 and have future potential for implementation.

Throughout this entire process, we have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of many members of our community and the countless incredible ideas that have emerged. In the coming weeks as the campus phase comes to a close, we will look to the exciting part of IUB 2030: bringing the plan to life.

We have much to be proud of at IU Bloomington, and we look forward to seeing how IUB 2030 shapes and strengthens our campus over the next seven years and beyond.

Cate Reck is president of the Bloomington Faculty Council and Carrie Docherty is interim vice provost for strategy and innovation.