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My IU Compliance tool reminds employees about individualized training requirements

By IU Compliance and Policy Office

April 17, 2023

The University Compliance and Policy Office and University Information Technology Services have launched a new tool to keep university community members in compliance with required training.

My IU Compliance  tracks an individualized list for each staff member, faculty member, student or university affiliate to see their required compliance trainings, based on job descriptions and assignments by training owners.

Using the tool, any university employee can see their list, their compliance status for each requirement, expiration dates (if applicable) and links to online training materials to complete those responsibilities. It will also send reminders to individuals about trainings that are about to expire or are overdue, and it ensures that legally required training is up to date as a condition of system access.

This global compliance management tool is a new expansion to IU’s enterprise Constituent Relationship Management, or CRM, platform and takes advantage of the broader capabilities of personalization and improved experience to ensure the most up-to-date information is readily available.

“I am most appreciative of the collaboration between the University Compliance and Policy Office and UITS to improve upon this administrative process, creating a vastly improved experience and ensuring we all have access to the training and compliance items to properly execute our roles at IU,” said Rob Lowden, vice president for information technology and chief information officer.

Trainings are being added to the tool on an ongoing basis, but it is currently available and operating for anyone with IU logon credentials. Inquiries about adding compliance-related trainings to the tool should be directed to the University Compliance and Policy Office at 

“Empowering individuals to easily see their training obligations and access those trainings is a fundamental step forward for our university’s compliance programs,” said Mike Jenson, associate vice president and chief compliance and policy officer. “I’m confident that this tool will play a vital role in increasing our institutional compliance, reducing risk and ensuring that people have the information necessary to navigate these difficult issues in their day-to-day work life.”