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First-year findings of Balanced-Integrative DEI case research study

IUPUI researchers have begun to analyze the initial findings from their multiyear project that looks at the potential outcomes of the new Balanced-Integrative DEI pathway for tenure and/or promotion, which attracted national attention.

The pathway, approved by the IUPUI Faculty Council in May 2021, gives faculty an option to demonstrate a case of excellence that highlights their teaching, research and service achievements related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Teresa Sosa and Gina Sánchez Gibau are exploring how faculty navigate the process of establishing their case. The study focuses on understanding the experiences of the faculty candidate, especially the type of support they may receive from their academic unit leaders along the way. The study also includes faculty in academic units that cannot accommodate the new case type or who may have been dissuaded from pursuing this case.

Nine faculty participated in the first year of the study:

  • Two faculty members are making a case for promotion and tenure.
  • Three submitted their third-year review under this case.
  • Two were dissuaded from going up on this case.
  • Two are in units that do not accommodate the new case.

Initial findings will be presented and published in various outlets. Some of the main themes from the findings thus far suggest that faculty believe the DEI integrative case is an important and necessary option. But its newness provides limited examples with specific criteria and can foster a general lack of clarity among leaders from whom faculty seek support. In addition, faculty participants said that making this case of excellence often requires extra work to articulate for review committees and external evaluators.

The second year of the study began this academic year. Interested faculty are encouraged to contact Sosa at