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Q&A with IU Indianapolis implementation committee leader

A steering committee is guiding the implementation of changes related to the 2024 realignment of IUPUI to IU Indianapolis.

Each committee member is leading a team to implement specific actions, such as reformulating degree maps, reviewing advising systems, ensuring necessary classroom technology is in place, updating signage and wayfinding, supporting auxiliary services such as card services, dining plans and housing, and more.

The committee members and the teams they are leading are:

  • Camy Broeker, Finance and Administration/HR.
  • Phaedra Corso, Research.
  • Jay Gladden, IT and Academic Affairs.
  • Reinhold Hill, IU Columbus.
  • Jeff Plawecki, Facilities and Signage.
  • Margie Smith-Simmons, Communications.
  • Eric Weldy, Student Services.
  • PJ Woolston and Kim Lewis, Enrollment Management.

Jay Gladden headshot IUPUI Today talked to Jay Gladden, interim executive vice chancellor and chief academic officer, about his teams and their progress.

Question: What have been the teams’ initial priorities for implementation?

Answer: Our initial priorities have been to scope the work that needs to be accomplished in each of the areas and develop a plan for implementation consistent with the timeline. A simple example is developing a plan to change the campus signage to read IU Indianapolis. A more complicated example is determining how Purdue students, faculty and staff can access IU IT systems. In each of these cases, we have developed plans which will soon be implemented.

Q: Share some of the progress that’s being made.

A: Probably the most common question we are receiving from IUPUI students, faculty and staff is whether their IU email is going away. This is a good example of progress. The plan is for students, faculty and staff transitioning to Purdue to keep their IU email addresses.

Another good example is a detailed plan on how we will transition signage on campus, as previously mentioned. Other good examples of progress include having plans in place for how Purdue employees will access IU systems, how classes will be scheduled in shared spaces, and how Purdue faculty will be able to use IU classrooms to teach their classes.

Q: What’s next in the process?

A: As decisions are made and finalized, the most important next step is to communicate how this will all work to IUPUI students, faculty and staff. Naturally, people have a lot of questions, and as we have concrete answers, we will begin communicating out these decisions and their implications.

Q: What would you like faculty and staff to know about the work to implement changes?

A: There are literally hundreds of people across our nine implementation teams working very hard to plan and then execute the creation of IU Indianapolis while also partnering with Purdue on space and delivery of courses. I am so appreciative we have so many talented people who care deeply about ensuring the best possible transition.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: A robust set of online FAQs have been developed to keep the campus community and beyond informed about the realignment. If there any questions not addressed, email them to and the FAQs will be updated accordingly.