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Winter break safety and energy-savings tips

Before leaving campus for winter break, IU Capital Planning and Facilities and IU Public Safety offer these safety and energy-savings tips for students, faculty and staff:

If you see something, say something

Winter weather can cause slippery sidewalks, and sudden temperature drops can freeze water pipes. If you see a hazard, please report it to your campus facilities office:

If you or someone else is in immediate danger, call 911.

Protect your belongings

If you will be away during break:

  • Take valuables home with you.
  • Do not leave money, IDs or credit cards out in plain sight or in your desk, office or residence hall space.
  • Write down the serial numbers of expensive personal items like electronic devices and keep the list in a separate location.

Help IU power down

In support of IU’s Climate Action Plan, you can help IU power down to save energy during winter break. IU’s Energy Management and Utilities Team will be reducing building temperature set points where activities and building systems controls allow. You can do your part before you leave campus by:

Supporting efficient heating/cooling:

  • Unclutter areas near thermostats and vents.
  • Properly shut all outside windows.
  • Open window blinds in cold weather.
  • Shut all laboratory fume hoods completely.

Turning off or unplugging unused equipment:

  • All lights.
  • Monitors, keyboards and mice. To ensure software updates, do not turn off your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Unused docking stations and chargers.
  • Laboratory equipment not necessary for safety or ongoing research.
  • Digital signage and television screens.

Note: Please power down your own work/personal space only. Recommendations above have been reviewed by UITS.

Unplugging appliances:

  • Anything with a clock or timer such as coffee makers and microwaves.
  • Personal refrigerators, but only if emptied, cleaned, defrosted and with the door left open several days before leaving.
  • Take all unused personal equipment home.