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Update on implementing online student success platform

Work is continuing to implement a new student success technology platform for Indiana University students on all campuses across the state.

The new platform, designed by vendor partner Stellic, will meet the needs of IU students by offering personalized, data-informed experiences. Students will use the system to build their degree plan, track their progress and visualize the impact of different decisions on their degree path. From a student support perspective, this platform allows academic advisors and others to holistically monitor progress, identify students who are not on track and intervene earlier.

A full list of the features that will be available via Stellic can be found on the university’s newly launched FAQ site and on the Stellic website itself.

Vice President for Student Success Julie Payne-Kirchmeier said the most pressing question her office has heard from campus partners is about which existing tools Stellic’s technology will replace, along with questions about specifics on the process for evaluation and adoption.

She said the university is evaluating existing tools that can be replaced by Stellic. Currently, the following IU-developed advising- and registration-related tools are in use:

  • AdRx: Advising Records.
  • SOAR: Student Online Advising Records.
  • SAS: Student Appointment Scheduler.
  • Student Center, a vended Highpoint product.
  • Academic Advisement Report.

Payne-Kirchmeier said the university has worked with key leaders in critical areas, including:

  • Conducting a gap analysis, led by UITS, on the current tools’ functionality as compared to Stellic’s student success technology suite. This is currently in process.
  • Discussing the necessary process and tools with advising representatives from across all campuses.
  • Sharing plans and soliciting feedback from enrollment management leaders, the Admissions Council, Registrar’s Council, Financial Aid Council and other communities of practice.

The Office of the Vice President for Student Success will host two virtual open meetings this month for anyone affiliated with IU who wishes to attend. The results of these first three steps will be shared at the meetings, and reactions and feedback will be accepted from those in attendance.

The first session will be from 2 to 3 p.m. EST Jan. 26, and the second will be from 4 to 5 p.m. EST Jan. 31. The sessions will be recorded and available to view on IU’s Stellic partnership webpage.

For questions, contact Payne-Kirchmeier at, or implementation project co-leads Sean Kilpatrick at or Lora Fox at