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IU Office of School Partnerships reorganizes to support strategic plan

By Office of School Partnerships

January 10, 2024

The Indiana University Office of School Partnerships has reorganized staff into new service areas, guided by the new expanded P-12 strategies in support of Indiana University’s 2030 strategic plan. The goal is to provide more direct and comprehensive support to campuses, and support the related goals and objectives of the IU 2030 strategic plan by strengthening the university’s P-12 partnerships.

New service areas include:

  • A Data & Reporting team, which will support the collection, reporting and integration of P-12 engagement data across campus and institutional reports, analyses and studies. In close alignment with the Office of the Vice President for University Relations and the Office of Institutional Analytics, this team ensures that relevant P-12 data supporting IU 2030 metrics are integrated and contribute to ongoing monitoring and reporting. This team, led by Kristin Norris, also provides regularly updated dashboards and reports for faculty, staff and researchers seeking P-12 engagement data, and engagement details supporting the development of partnerships, grants, projects and research.
  • The Partner Support team, which works directly with P-12 partners in the development and/or delivery of programs, resources, on-campus opportunities, matching faculty and staff expertise with P-12 partner needs, and extending IU research and scholarship to practitioners. Members of this team, led by Leah Nellis, play a key role in ensuring that IU provides meaningful community-centered support for local and statewide initiatives. This includes direct collaboration with P-12 schools to establish pathways for students’ transition to higher education through college-going initiatives such as career pathways, Indiana College Core, college exploration and readiness, and early engagement programs.
  • The Engagement Development team, which primarily provides support, resources and opportunities for internal IU colleagues. Team activities engage IU faculty and staff in the exploration, development and replication of P-12 engagement strategies, practices, programs and supports. This team, led by Amy Waechter-Versaw, organizes the annual P-12 Summit, supports strategic working groups, and organizes institution-wide efforts to integrate access, equity and inclusion, as well as community-centered models and practices, into P-12 partnerships. Additionally, team members serve in proposal support and principal investigator roles when a single, central proposal home is advantageous.

For more information about Office of School Partnership resources, events and opportunities for engagement, visit the office’s website or contact Dylan McLeod at