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Help UITS recycle your outdated IU-owned electronics

To mark Earth Day, UITS is partnering with IU Surplus and Sustain IU to host an IU eWaste Recycling event April 15 to 18 across all Indiana University campuses.

This event aims to strengthen the university’s cybersecurity posture and bolster sustainability efforts by eliminating outdated IU-owned devices such as laptops, desktops and tablets.

Older devices often cannot support the latest operating systems and security updates, making them more susceptible to cyberthreats. Ensuring that IU computing devices are up to date is not only IU policy, but it is the best way to safeguard institutional and personal data.

It also typically costs more, in money and technicians’ time, to maintain legacy hardware. Older equipment is less efficient and environmentally friendly, and it consumes valuable space on IU campuses that could be used in more productive ways.

To thank people for contributing to the IU eWaste Recycling event, participants will be entered in a prize raffle that includes Apple AirPods and Bose headphones.

Items must be turned in by April 18 to be eligible for the raffle, but UITS is always available to help properly dispose of old IU-owned devices. Faculty and staff are encouraged to turn in old devices year-round; personal items are not included in the collection.

To participate, contact your local UITS Support person, who will coordinate with you to securely process and dispose of the old equipment. They can also help securely transfer data from an old device to a new device, or to another cloud storage location.