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Helping students during COVID-19-related absences

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Faculty and instructors are key to supporting students and their continued academic progress as we continue getting back to normal while still being mindful of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Share these tips with students so we’re all on the same page as we move through the semester.

Staying safe

Our top priority is to keep our campus healthy and safe. This means following the isolation and quarantine instructions should you test positive for COVID-19 or be told you’re a close contact.

It is imperative to stay home when you’re feeling sick, have a positive test or are in quarantine.

Communication is key

If you will miss class because of quarantine or isolation, reach out to your instructor and let them know. If you know when you will be able to return, you should share that, too. Faculty and instructors should not ask for proof of a positive test, isolation or quarantine.

Students, look ahead, see what assignments are coming up and start a conversation with your instructor about how to continue progressing in your coursework.

Keeping up

Instructors have a responsibility to help students stay on course with classwork when they need to miss class. This will likely look different depending on classes and instructors.

Some faculty may record their presentation during class and provide a link for students to watch. Others may have instructions for non-real-time class participation activities, or anything in between.

Being flexible

Students and instructors both need to be flexible as we work and learn together how to best support those in quarantine or isolation. Be willing to try new or different approaches to teaching and learning, and provide constructive feedback on what’s working well or what could be improved.

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Amanda Roach is a senior communications consultant in the Office of the Vice President for Communications and Marketing