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Show off your digital literacy with Digital Survival Skills e-Badge

By Center of Excellent for Women and Technology

October 04, 2021

The Digital Survival Skills e-Badge can be displayed on your resumé and/or LinkedIn to demonstrat... The Digital Survival Skills e-Badge can be displayed on your resum√© and/or LinkedIn to demonstrate your tech skills to employers.Ninety-seven percent of employers say that digital literacy is important.

By completing the Digital Survival Skills e-Badge program through the Center of Excellence for Women and Technology, staff and faculty will earn valuable credentials that validate your abilities and use of basic technologies. Display the e-badge virtually on your professional LinkedIn profile and/or personal website as a measurement of your skills.

A digital badge, known as an e-badge, is an online endorsement of an achievement, skill, experience or credential. In earning this badge, you will discover your digital strengths and weaknesses, learn more about free resources that can help you build your digital competencies, and develop a convincing story about your skills to help in your future endeavors.

Start by visiting  Digital Survival Skills e-Badge Program and begin by taking the self-assessment.

Guided coaching is available is available by emailing