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Campaign benefits food pantry

By Transportation Demand Management

October 15, 2021

Many of us take for granted the peace of mind we get from knowing that our next meal or snack is as near as our kitchen, an online ordering app, or a visit to a grocery or restaurant. Yet we all have classmates and co-workers who must decide whether to pay their rent, tuition and other expenses, or to simply buy food.

To support students faced with food insecurity, the Office of Transportation Demand Management is sponsoring the Kind Commute Campaign.

For every reported sustainable commute between Nov. 1 to 20, Transportation Demand Management will donate $1, up to $1,000, to the Crimson Cupboard food pantry, which provides free, healthy food to IU Bloomington students who are struggling with food insecurity.

Sustainable commuting is easy: Walk, bike, bus, carpool or use another form of transportation, other than driving alone, to come to or leave campus. You’ll not only help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, but you’ll also help feed others.

Log your trip with Transportation Demand Management.

If sustainable commuting isn’t an option for you, a donation can be made directly to the Crimson Cupboard.