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IUPUI chancellor search to resume in fall semester

After rigorous efforts this year to identify IUPUI’s new chancellor, the pivotal position was not filled. The search will resume early in the fall semester.

IU President Pamela Whitten said she has appreciated the high standards the trustees, search committee members and others involved in the process brought to the search.

“It is affirming to see the shared vision for excellence we are looking for in this important role,” she said. “We will take all the time necessary to make the right call for the IUPUI chancellor position, as we have done with all of our leadership hires, because so much is at stake for our students, faculty, staff and the community as a whole.”

The president said the naming of Andrew R. Klein as interim IUPUI chancellor earlier this year and the associated progress under his direction continue to inspire confidence among the IUPUI community.

“As a strong interim leader, Andy is making strides and paving the way for our next chancellor,” Whitten said. “As I have shared with the IUPUI community, the role is critical both to the continued success and aspirational goals for one of the nation’s top urban campuses and to Indiana University as a whole.”

As the next steps for the search are determined, details will be shared in IUPUI Today.